COVID 19 Rapid Response

24th August 2021 |

COVID 19 Rapid Response

None of us could have imagined that we would see a global pandemic play out in our lifetimes, and yet, it happened. 2020-21 took everyone by surprise, with entire countries left crippled in its wake and Governments scrambling to restore normalcy after the 1st and 2nd COVID19 waves. India was no exception to this, despite succeeding to contain the spread briefly in early 2020. If this entire period has taught us something, it’s the fact that preparedness goes a long way in preventing a crisis.

The pandemic brought on a steep learning curve for our team, who were quick to adapt and do everything in their power to save lives and livelihoods in these unprecedented times. When the 2nd wave reached India, we identified the most vulnerable populations, which included:

  • Migrant workers and their families

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers

  • Single parents

  • People who lost family members to COVID19

  • Daily wage or informal sector workers

  • Those who lack access to necessary documents to avail welfare schemes

We found that migrant workers and their families were one of the hardest-hit groups, and in order to help them, we started a fundraising campaign with our partner Bhumi in April 2021. Simultaneously, we inducted and trained volunteers while our State teams established partnerships with other NGOs and social workers to ensure that basic necessities for sustenance reach those in need.

Our interventions were primarily geared towards the welfare of people from the Delhi-NCR region and the states of Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. We also undertook the following activities and initiatives as part of our Rapid Response efforts:

  • Distributing relief kits that contained dry ration and hygiene supplies

  • Running Helplines to conduct awareness, fight vaccine misinformation, support distress calls, and address grievances related to welfare schemes

  • Organizing vaccination drives

  • Supporting people financially through Direct Benefit Transfers (DBTs)

  • Advocating for vaccinating pregnant women in India

We were fortunate to have a support network of friends, donors, partners, volunteers, and Good Samaritans like you, who amplified our fundraiser and relief work across India. Soon enough, we started seeing the results of our collective efforts, and the numbers speak for themselves!

It is a matter of great pride for us to be recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Last Mile Responders’ during India’s 2nd Covid19 wave crisis by the World Economic Forum for our efforts. Amidst talks of a 3rd wave approaching, we are constantly undertaking measures for inclusive recovery and ensuring that this time, we stay ready to face another seemingly insurmountable challenge, head-on!

Read the full report on our COVID19 Rapid Response here

Here are a few snapshots from our journey of tiding over the 2nd COVID19 wave!

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