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The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to have devastating impact on the lives and livelihood of millions of fellow Indians, it threatens to reverse years of progress on poverty, hunger, health care and education. In response to the unprecedented challenge we face, Indus Action attempts to mitigate life-altering consequences for the disadvantaged communities.




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Our COVID-19 Relief Efforts 2020

Since 2020, 230 million Indians have been pushed into poverty, according to a report by Azim Premji University. To ensure that years of progress to improve people’s lives doesn’t get erased in a few months, and to safeguard the well-being of the most vulnerable families, we started our Covid19 Rapid Response initiative in the month of April 2020.

Our work last year began with understanding the on-ground situation and immediate requirements of those in need, and based on these findings, we started initiating relief efforts geared towards food and nutrition security, health and safety, access to the right information and inclusion of Covid-affected households in the social safety net.

Over 2000 volunteers supported us. Thanks to their proactive support, we could reach over 7000 families in just 4 months. When the second wave of the pandemic hit the nation hard, we were prepared and were able to scale-up our relief efforts with full gusto in 2021.

Rapid Response 2021

To tide over the second wave Covid19 crisis in 2021, we decided to double down our efforts by identifying the most vulnerable families, and taking action to offer them holistic support. Indus Action started a fundraising campaign whose proceeds were used to distribute relief kits that contained ration and hygiene essentials to migrant worker families. While our focus was to support vulnerable families , we also undertook measures to help other sections of the society by:

Distributing relief kits to vulnerable families

Conducting vaccine information and awareness surveys

Organising hassle free vaccination drives

Advocacy on vaccinating the high risk groups such as pregnant and lactating mothers


Mohammed Danish
Community leader in Sravagnanagar and part of Indian Youth Congress

“ These migrants are in full praise for Indus action as God sent during this crisis! On behalf of these Migrants I thank Indus Action & all those who have contributed immensely for this cause!! ”

Priyali Sur
Journalist| Founder and Managing Director at The Azadi Project

“ Excellent recommendations made by @IndusAction team for vaccinations for pregnant women. One of them being – “Co-WIN portal should provide an option to classify or identify as a pregnant woman or lactating mother and they should be prioritized while providing vaccination slots ”

Manan Jain
Volunteer with Indus Action and Student at Jai Hind College

“ Nothing feels better than working for the needy ones. Thank You Indus action for the opportunity.”

Mayank Lodha
KPMG Manager India

“ On advocacy to vaccinate Pregnant Women – “Long due @ShashiTharoor. Thanks for bringing this important issue back again in the limelight. Kudos @tarunch Team @IndusAction for being early advocates” ”

Shabnam Firdaus
Counselor at Richmond Fellowship Society

“ It is a great initiative and we need many more helplines to safeguard children and their psychological being in current times of health crisis.”