‘A Do-tank, not just a Think-tank’

We are a policy implementation organization doing the necessary tasks to see that policies designed to transform the social fabric of the country are fully realized. In essence, we bridge the gap between law and action.


Irreversibly end poverty before 2050.


Move 1 million+ vulnerable families irreversibly
out of poverty by 2030.

Our core principles define how we conduct ourselves in any scenario


To the pain point of the child or parent…

With a design thinking mindset…

For data collection opportunities…


With ownership narrative…

With urgency for access to the rights of the disadvantaged…

With solidarity with the mission’s whole…


From consumer to producer mindset…

Resource usage with radical frugality…

From transactional to trusting relationships…

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Indus Action Initiatives,
G-7, 2nd Floor,
Lajpat Nagar III,
New Delhi – 110024